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High School Recruitables

Alaina Kosto

on Wed, 04/15/2015 - 01:59

Alaina Kosto attends Anchor Bay High School in Fair Haven, Michigan.  She will graduate in 2018.
Alaina maintained a 3.7 grade point average from middle school all the way through her freshman year of high school.  She was also on the honor roll all 3 years of middle school and her freshman year of high school as well.
Alaina's goals are to make it to Level 10 Nationals and to do college gymnastics.  She has been doing gymnastics since she was five years old and her 2 favorite events are bars and beam.
Alaina was part of the Level 8 regional team when she was 10 years old.

Annabelle Riesterer

on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 23:42

Annabelle Riesterer will be attending L'anse Creuse High School North in the fall of 2015. During her middle school years she has been on the honor roll all three years with a grade point average of 3.7 or higher semester. In 7th grade she was one out of eight students honored to receive the Eagletude Award. This is an award that is nominated by teachers for leadership, citizenship, respect and responsibility from academics to sports. She is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society and the Student Council public relations officer.

Chandler Lynn

on Thu, 04/16/2015 - 20:04

Chandler Lynn is a Level 9 gymnast. She is a Junior at Grosse Pointe North High school and is graduating in 2016. Her favorite event is Bars. She enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing with her little brother. She was on the honor roll all through middle school with a 3.9 GPA and participated in the Impact club her freshman and sophomore year.  Chandler has been doing gymnastics for almost 10 years and hopes to get a scholarship and be able to continue her gymnastics career throughout the next chapter of her life in college.

Elise Davis

on Mon, 07/27/2015 - 23:57

For more information on Elise visit her page:

Lexi Evans

on Wed, 04/15/2015 - 01:54

Lexi Evans is a junior at Marysville High School and lives in Port Huron, Michigan.  She is an honor roll student, a member of the National Honor Society, and currently maintains a 4.0 GPA while taking accelerated and AP courses.  After graduating in 2016, she hopes to continue her gymnastics career in college.  Lexi enjoys all events, but as a first year level 10, floor and beam have been her favorites.  She began gymnastics in first grade and has dedicated the past 10 years to the sport she loves.

Mary Kate Bihary

on Wed, 04/15/2015 - 00:31

Mary Kate Bihary is an honor roll student at Regina High School. She has been involved in gymnastics since the age of 3. When not training, Mary Kate likes to spend time with her friends at the mall, movies, or at home listening to music. Mary Kate earned the 2013 Region 5 level 8 vault champion title, and this year hopes to compete at Nationals. She enjoys all events and says that vault is her favorite. She would like to become a nationally ranked level 10 gymnast before graduating from high school and she would like to continue her gymnastics career in college.

Olivia Amodei

on Mon, 06/15/2015 - 22:55


Olivia Amodei is Level 10 gymnast, graduating in 2019.  Olivia just finished 8th grade at Algonquin Middle School, with a 3.94 GPA and receiving "All A Honors" for the past 3 years of Middle School.  Taking Advance Math all 3 years, she also enjoys Art, Technical Education and Science Classes.  Next year Olivia will be attending Chippewa Valley High School, her course will include Advance Geometry and Honors Biology in hopes to go into the Medical Field.

Olivia Megge

on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 23:42

Olivia Megge is a level 10 gymnast and will graduate in 2019.  She is entering her freshman year of high school and will be attending the rigorous and highly selective Math/Science/Technology program through L'Anse Creuse Schools. Olivia currently maintains a 4.0 GPA. She is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, placed in advanced Math throughout middle school and has taken Leadership courses as well.  She Has earned the Presidential Physical Fitness, many academic awards, and a yearly qualifier for the Citizenship award.

Rachel Creagh

on Wed, 04/15/2015 - 00:33

Rachel Creagh is a level 10 gymnast graduating in 2015. She is a junior at L’Anse Creuse High School in Harrison Twp., MI. Rachel has been in the sport of gymnastics for 13 years. Her favorite event is floor and her goal is to obtain a gymnastics scholarship. Rachel enjoys four-wheeling, and hanging out with her friends and family. She has a GPA of 3.815 and is on National Honor Society. She is a 2012 level 9 Regional and National Qualifier. At level 9 regionals, Rachel tied for 3rd on vault, tied for 2nd on bars and placed 6th AA.

Samantha Roy

on Wed, 04/15/2015 - 01:02

Samantha Roy is a level 10 gymnast. She is a sophomore at Regina High School and will be graduating in 2016. She has been in the sport for 10 years and her favorite events are floor and beam. She was the Vice President of the National Junior Honor Society and was on the honor roll all through middle school. She is a 2012 Regional Qualifier. Samantha’s high school goals are to maintain her high scholastic achievements and she wants to get involved in student government. Her main gymnastics goal is to earn a full ride scholarship to college.